No Expectations, No Disappointments.

where do grandmas and aunties even buy this shit? It’s not in stores???do they have a dealer who sells to them???? 
Drake is life.


Lmao caption this

"my son Ugochukwu is now a bachelor and is makin money. Look how my darling son is jost flegzin. Chai! Ugo fine boy, no pimple."

Stop you is so nasty lol Girl who wants you to keep doing nasty shit  (via validx2)


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Hey guys! Sorry its been so inactive around here. I’m slowly but surely getting finished with my finals.
Anyway, I found this and thought I had to share. The way body language can tell how a person is really feeling is something that I consider very interesting. I think it would be a great way to show, in a subtle way, how a character is really feeing.
Hope its useful! And good luck with finals! Hopefully, this place will be a bit more active once summer kicks in.
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